Wednesday, June 16, 2010

crazyy week catch up

So, I am so bad with posting on here but I would be more than happy to give you recap of my last week!!

So, Last week I was sick so I was unfortunately unable to get any running in. I was sick enough that I had to call into work, which we know I Never do. With that being said, it truly limited what I was able to do. As you remember, I am sure you heard about my black toe, which is getting blacker but not as painful. Although, it only seems to hurt while I have sneakers on..what a shame!

O.K. Well this weekend I met one of my pledge sisters, Stephannie in Orlando for the Disney's Expedition Everest Challenge. It was so much fun, and I want to do it every year. I was very proud of myself. For coughing and not being able to breathe, and not putting a sneaker on for over a week, I ran almost the whole thing, then again for the scavenger hunt part! We finished it in 40 minutes, and that included the obstacle courses, so if we take all that out, definitely under 37 minutes at the most! After the race, we got our medals and food (Yummy) and they closed the park down so it was a pleasure!! Ride after ride and no lines, that's my type of Disney.

Now that it's the week, I am back to work, school, and training which is kicking my ass to say the least!!! I skipped Monday because I met one of my girlfriends for dinner and didn't make it home early enough, Tuesday was class. On Tuesday though I did make it to my training session with my new sexy trainer!! More on him later!!!
As today is Wednesday, I Will be hitting the gym after work, then a night filled with homework because I feel like every assignment is due at the same time! I am not looking forward to this weekend due to the fact I will be confined to my apartment doing homework! Hopefully I will get the time to leave for a few minutes.
OK, as I digress, tomorrow is my first Hill workout, Wish me luck! I'm sure my legs will be dying later. But I do love my team and want to do another Team in Training event again!! It's so wonderful

Thanks for reading this,

Running G

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