Sunday, June 20, 2010

5 miles

I did it, a Whole 5 Miles!!! OMG is all I have to say!!!!

Saturday was team training at Gadsden park at 6:30 am! let's just say I got lost going there so I made it JUST in time for stretching!! I love my team! It is such a great experience and I don't want it to end, even though I have 3 1/2 months left!!!

It was most definitely in the 80's when we started and I have never ran even 3 miles without stopping, or more than 30 minutes and guess what I did!!
I ran 5 miles/an hour and only stopped for 2 minutes, and my water breaks!! i could not believe how far I came!! A month and a half ago I couldn't even fun 2 miles!!!!!

Sorry, I am just so excited!

Well, lets just say after that I went for a pedicure and the nail lady told my my feet were dehydrated ( I almost said, "No kidding my whole body is dehydrated", but decided to keep my mouth shut. Also, she decided to tell me that my two is swollen, again...NO KIDDING!!

Now my knees still hurt and it's time for the week to begin, but i'm so ready for 6 miles next weekend!! I even got a compliment for a few people!! I love my team!! I also gave myself an award for most improved!! Yes, I am a little cocky, but whatever

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