Sunday, July 11, 2010

Way too long

It has certainly been way too long since I have posted, and sort of have a good reason? My sister was in town two weeks ago, and last week i was sick so I didn't get much of running in anyway.

After being on a 2 week hiatus, I tied up my shoelaces and went for a 6:15 run around Davis Island with the team. I ran 5.5 miles, in a little over 1 hour, then chit chatted and was a social butterfly. The full marathoners were doing 12 miles, and when they came for water, they still had 3 more miles to go so I decided to go for another mile. 6.5 miles done, I have NEVER ran that much ever in my life, as far as I am aware.

After that, the pain really started to occur. I managed to hurt the outside of my foot which I ices 2x yesterday, and my black toenail is beginning to hurt again and I am patiently waiting for the nail to just fall off already. It has been over a month already!!

This week, I was also told I "had a bun in the oven", so after I told the coach that, he teased me and that's really why I decided to run (Thanks, Pete!) The last mile wasn't too bad because an Alum, Jessica, was running and she doesn't shut up! Which is really good because even though I can't talk while running, it is always nice to run with someone!

I have two more weeks of school and will hopefully be able to log all my miles, and get some training done. After that, I head to Cape May for a well needed vacation for everything here in Tampa. it's certainly going to be a very stressful 2 weeks, and most of the assignments are due the 18th, so I am very nervous to complete everything!! Send me your good luck's and motivation!!

Later today, I start a cake decorating class, which I couldn't be more excited for!!!

That's it for now, Off to go prepare food for the week and do homework, I have a real exciting day planned, and week!

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