Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to the daily grind

The weekened has come and gone, quikly as usual! Classes start this week so it is going to be a lot more difficult traiing with a new schedule, but I am going to make it work.. I think I am going to have to start running in the mornings. For all of you who know me, I am NOT a morning person, nor an I an evening person. I love my sleep way too much!
Anyways, here is what my weekend looked like!
I was certainly sleeping around 10:30pm on friday night, and was up by 5:40 am on friday for our group runs. We were surprised with a 4 miler, not too bad surprisinly. I finished in a decent time for myself. I am slowly working my way up with miles. In no time I will be at 13 miles, that is a very scary thought. I never thought I would want to or be able to run that long!!
Saturday night a bunch of the girls went to Macdintons to see a friend, Lindsey, who moved away last year, and there I fundraised!!! I walked around with a little bucket asking people for donation, by me, I really mean Jenna!! Thanks!!! I raided a few dollars, so I am halfway to my goal! I thank all of you who already donated, and can't wait for the rest of you too!!! THis is such an exciting project!!!
Sunday was cross training day so I did an 11 mile bike ride on my new bike, which was later returned because my butt was in so much pain. I wanted to walk my bike to the end of the loop it hurt so bad. Luckily my legs are not hurting so hopefully I should get in a little run after work and then I can have tomorrow as my rest day since it's the first day of my classes. Wish me luck!!

Have you donated yet?

Happy Running,


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