Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week One, Soreness!!!

This post is a little late due to the fact that I just started this, but let me tell you about week one!!
-Practice starts at 7:00am at Ballast point which is not very close to me, and I am NOT a morning person let me remind you. Therefore, I was up by 5:45. On the way I had to go to the bathroom, but there were no bathrooms and the one's at the park were closed, that was a real FUN run all right!! thankfully they were open when we finished. I am not an expert runner by any means, but thought I would do OK... I nearly died!!! I trailed behind everyone for the whole 3 miles, but I made it!!! and that was only day one I Remind you!!! I am definitely going to have a lot of hard work in front of me. Being the slowpoke of the group inspired me to get a lot of work during the week. But man was a so sore!!!! My calved nearly killed anytime I did some kind of cardio movement, and No, for all those who know me, I was not just making up any excuse in the book.
The Sunday after the run my whole body was sore so I decided to rest since my mom was in town. Monday, I was back to the gym doing cardio classes, running, etc! But I really could not get through a normal routine. I was devastated and disappointed...But it was fun none the less!!

Now that the week is over, were on to week two which I hope will treat me much better!!

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