Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello Frday!!

Hello everyone,
It's FRIDAY!!!! which means it's sushi day for me:) and I am craving Chinese. I was able to get some running in yesterday. I had to push past my calved killing and my legs chaffing (Cara loves me complaining about that). I also got about a half hour of cardio in. That's about it, I was too hungry to stay at the gym! Today is my rest day, thankfully, I need it!!! There is so much I need to get done around my apartment and town today before classes begin as well as the weekend. I have a good friend coming into town this weekend! I am excited to see her, it has been almost a year since we saw each other last. How time flies, and life goes by.
I have started a new book in which I am loving so far, Secrets of a Jewish Mother, by Jill Zarin. It explains my life completely!!

Tomorrow is group training, hopefully I can keep up tomorrow! I am really going to push myself. Or so I say that now!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Have you donated? My dad just did!!

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