Thursday, May 13, 2010

To do today...

Since I slacked off yesterday, I NEED to get my butt to the gym today for some running and cross training since Friday's are my "off/rest" days. I thought it was necessary to go to dinner and drinks ( I didn't get any drinks, being a good girl). I did eat very healthy, grilled chicken and a side of broccoli. It was all downhill when I got home though, oops. It will be better tonight!!!
I am hoping my calves manage to make it through my run tonight since they have been in pain since I started running. I hope I just need to keep up with it.
Does anyone have any solutions??

I'm off to finish some work, eat lunch, more work then gym time.. NO DISTRACTIONS TODAY. I really just need to schedule myself time and say screw it to anyone who wants to do something, but that is no fun:)

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  1. Genna --- regarding your calves : it could very well be your running shoes --- as far as exercising them first make sure you are doing pre run stretches that include toe rises --after work out use rubbing alcohol and then put on leg warmers for a while