Friday, May 21, 2010


Yay, It's Friday!!!! Last night was the season finale of Greys, and that meant a girls night at Samantha's, which also meant not going to bed before midnight. As we already know, I am NOT a morning person!!! Luckily, I signed up for a personal training session before I was invited to girls night so I had a reason to be up at 6:30am. My trainer kicked my butt to say the least. It was very painful to walk up he stairs on my 3rd floor apartment this morning to get ready for work. I was dreading my session because this week has taken a toll on me and I am just exhausted. It's 1:15 now and I am beat, but not as tired as I was this morning.
Tomorros is team training but I will not be able to make it since I already planned a weekend at Disney with my Little. I would have loved to be at the training since our honored teammates are going to be there and we would also be meeting all the other athletes from the surrounding counties for the suncoast chapter. Hopefully I will get my errands done quickly, finish my homework for the week then head to bed at a decent hour so I can possibly get a run in in the morning. let's not kid ourselves. I will NOT be setting an alarm to go running, but to wake up and head to Orlando!
I hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend!!

Also, I would like to thank everyone who has helped in my fundraising campaign, especually my parents and their friends who have donated. It has not gone unnocticed


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  1. Dear Genna --- committment in training is an absolute necessity --100% is required --- disney world , chicks night out -- ---plenty of time for that after the race ---- on the other hand what does an old fart like me remember about being young --- enjoy yourself