Wednesday, May 26, 2010

disappointed in myself

I have not been running like I should have been. My legs were in so much pain till monday because my trainer kicked my butt. It hurt so bad that I woke up every time I had to move in my sleep. On that note, I went running and did cardio at the gym on Monday. Tuesday I had class and Wednesday, today I had meeting after work. But as I write this now, i am getting ready for bed! I will be up at 6am do do some running then meeting with my trainer. This weekend is an optional run, but you bet my ass I will be there! and I have lots to do this weekend, but am making time ti get my cardio/running every day!! I am finally getting my school schedule and training and work on track!

For the month of June, if you donate over $5.00 you can get to pick a song I can run to during my race!! Please people, do not make it anything ridiculous!!! Anything over $15.00, you can chose at what mile I listen to that song!!

Sleepy thoughts and happy running tomorrow,


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